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Rules & Flags
WARNING: Kart racing poses risks to people with neck or back problems, heart conditions, anyone who is pregnant, anyone who should not be in a stressful or physically demanding environment SHOULD NOT PARTICIPATE.
  • All racers must sign a release and waiver of liability form.
  • Racers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult, who will sign waiver for minor.
  • All racers must attend mandatory briefing session and watch safety video.
  • All racers must wear closed toes shoes.
  • All long hair must be tied up and worn under a head sock.
  • No scarf or any loose clothing (especially around the neck) is allowed.
  • All racers must wear a helmet with visor down at all times.
  • Always enter and exit the kart on side away from motor.
  • Never touch the motor, even in pit area. It may be hot.
  • Never touch any moving parts of the kart.
  • No bumping is allowed.
  • No blocking is allowed.
  • All racers must demonstrate proper kart control, else they will be removed from the track.
  • Driver is responsible for all kart damages due to crashing.
  • Always follow the direction of the track, it's marked with arrows.
  • If your kart breaks down or you drove off the track or spin the kart or drove into a barrier and you are unable to rejoin, wait in your kart with your hands waving over your head and wait for a track marshal to assist you. Under no circumstances should you attempt to get out of the kart or push yourself away from the barriers with either your hands or feet. Stay inside of the kart at all times.
  • Never stop on the track surface unless it's an emergency.
  • Always drive slowly when entering or exiting the track.
  • If a yellow flag is shown, SLOW DOWN and be prepared to stop if required. There is absolutely no racing during a yellow. When you pass the incident and you no longer see yellow flags you may return to racing.
  • If you receive a black flag you must return to the pit and speak with the track official.
  • Once the checkered flag is waved the race is over, as soon as you cross the start/finish line you must stop racing, complete that lap at a reduced speed and exit the track at the marked track exit.
Anyone displaying any aggression - physical or verbal - towards Miami GP Raceway race officials OR other participants will be removed from the race immediately and no refund will be given.
Important guidelines for kart racing at Miami GP Raceway: Kart racing is a non-contact sport. Kart racing is REAL racing and NOT an amusement ride. Our karts are fast, respect the speed. Pay attention to all flags, it's the ONLY way to communicate with a driver on track. Accidents can happen if you do not follow these rules and guidelines. The chance of an accident occurring increases greatly if participants do not heed our instructions, pay attention to flags or drive aggressively or beyond their level of their ability. The overriding concern at Miami GP Raceway is the safety of all of our guests and our staff. It is the job of everyone at Miami GP to ensure that all our customers enjoy the thrill and excitement of racing at our facility, while taking every step to ensure that all safety measures are taken.

All participants are required to sign a liability waiver before racing. All participants should be in good health with no neck, back, heart problems, or be pregnant. Go-karting is a physically demanding sport.

Miami GP Raceway has a strict, zero-tolerance policy regarding alcohol and/or drug abuse. Anyone who appears to be under the influence will NOT be permitted to race and may be asked to leave the premises.

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